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Natural Slate Autumn
SKU: Natural Slate Autumn

Natural Slate tiles are very durable and versatile as they can be used almost anywhere. Slate is a natural product that forms within the earth giving each piece unique characteristics. Please see Product Description below for available sizes.

Sawn Edge Finish;

300mm x 300mm (Shop Code: SAS3030)  Stock Available In Store!

300mm x 200mm (Shop Code: SAS3020)

400mm x 200mm (Shop Code: SAS4020)

400mm x 400mm (Shop Code SAS4040)


Hand Cut Finish;

300mm x 150mm (Shop Code SAH3015)

305mm x 205mm (Shop Code: SAH3020)

300mm x 300mm (Shop Code: SAH3030)

380mm x 190mm (Shop Code: SAH3819)

405mm x 280mm (Shop Code SAH4028)


Slate tiles are created from a metamorphic rock. It is a very fine grained rock comprised mostly of microscopic clay minerals, with traces of quartz and calcite. The alterations by heat and pressure produces the pronounced partings (slate cleavage) which gives slate its characteristics. Slate tiles are equally at home in both contemporary and traditional design schemes and are excellent for all internal and external wall and floor applications. They also have the added bonus of having a very hard wearing and easy to care for surface.

It is advisable to seal slate when used in interior application to highlight the natural beauty of the tile. Slate used on outdoor surfaces does not need to be sealed but can be done if desired. At Ballarat Tiles we have a great choice of sealers to assist with all your sealing needs and a range of cleaners available which are recommended for general upkeep of your slate which wont harm your sealer.