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S2007 Carrara Marble Pol
SKU: S2007

Marble is a natural product known for it's unique and beautiful colours and veining. Please see Product Description for available sizes.

 Sizes Available in Full Body Marble(Polished & Honed);

305 x 305 x 10mm

610 x 305 x 10mm

610 x 610 x 10mm


Marble is the result of limestone being given the right amount of heat and pressure, forcing it to crystallise and become marble.

This is where it gets its technical term from "metamorphic limestone".

Unlike limestone, the crystal structure of marble allows is to take a polish which accentuates the beautiful colours and veining for which its famous.

Because of the character of stone, each tile will vary slightly in colour, shade and texture which adds to its charm.

Sealing this product is recommended.