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Davco Supamastic
SKU: G48

Davco Supamastic is a white, acrylic based, non-slump, quick grabbing, flexible, pre-mixed, interior, thin bed, mastic wall tile adhesive. Please see Product Description below for Datasheet (Shop Code: 15 Litre G48 and 4 Litre G48S)

Key Features;

- Highly flexible – Supamastic has superior flexibility and will easily accommodate the movement and vibration experienced in installations using flexible building boards.

- Non-slump – saves you considerable working time

- Long open time and easy trowel ability – User friendly

- Excellent Coverage – saves money! Supamastic allows you to get 10% more from the pail compared with competing mastic adhesives

- Must not be applied directly over any timber or concrete floors

- Ideal for interior wall and floor tiling installations

- Volume available: 4L and 15L

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